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DISCLAIMER:  The following blog posts represent my personal views and not necessarily those of my employer, my customers, my church, my dog, or anyone else.  It is my strongly held personal belief that mature people should be able to discuss any subject matter respectfully, especially if they disagree.  I like to discuss faith, religion, culture, politics and philosophy, because it’s an exercise in intellectual flexibility.  I consider myself an intellectual liberal; able to hold multiple competing thoughts simultaneously, and non-dogmatic, except when a right conscience demands it.

What follows is a passing attempt by me to make marginal sense out of an insensible world: a world that embraces chaos and rejects reason and righteousness at every turn. If you are enervated by what you read or if you have a bone to pick with me about my obviously-wrong opinions, drop me a comment. If you haven’t read it, but you hate it already, you’re probably in good company.  This stuff isn’t for the lily-livered.

so you googled my name…

Oh wow… and from those results… you’ve discovered that according to seemingly reputable sources on the Internet like “She’s a Homewrecker”, “STD Registry”, and “Ripoff Report” that the subject of your search has been reported to: steal the identities of FBI agents, sell sick puppies to children, defraud single moms with bad computer repair, has been said to malevolently creep around kids sporting events, all while being the subject of numerous, multi-million dollar lawsuits being relentlessly prosecuted by a Harvard-educated, wealthy, Mormon investment banker who lives in a sea cliff mansion and drives exotic cars (and definitely isn’t some psychotic convicted felon who, when he’s not in prison, lives in a dilapidated RV parked down by the beach). Or so you think.  

What follows is only the tip of the iceberg in the nightmare that I’ve endured at the hands of a serial psychopath named Stephane Roger Marchand.

Stephane Roger Marchand

How I got my own stalker

How reporting the local news got me one fan I can’t get rid of.


Restraining orders are paper

Police rarely enforce restraining orders, and don’t think internet threats are real.


death threats

A criminal psychopath and convicted felon threatened to kill me and have me raped.


false accusations

I did not steal an FBI agent’s ID. I don’t sell sick puppies. I have no STDs and I’m not a child molester.

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