Open Letter to Gavin Newsom on Medical Freedom

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The California Legislature has removed my child’s right to a free and public education (guaranteed by the California Constitution) by implementing a COERCIVE law (SB277) that violates my First Amendment right to the free exercise of my religious beliefs. By removing the Religious Exemption to mandatory vaccination as a prerequisite to attend public OR PRIVATE school, my rights to free assembly are also violated.

Additionally, as a taxpayer, I am deprived of the benefits for which I have paid. Our family earning potential is diminished because we are forced (coercion is force) to homeschool. Not only that, but my child is barred from participation in CIF athletics, which may have a detrimental effect on college admissions, scholarships, and future economic opportunity. The State has created an under-class of people, specifically religious people, for whom it denies basic services. This is discriminatory, fundamentally unfair, and unconstitutional at both the State and National level.

The State has created an under-class of people, specifically religious people, for whom it denies basic services.
If the State of California is going to deny us a free and public education on the discriminatory basis of our religious beliefs, it must at least provide us with tax credits equal to the average per-pupil spending and allow us the freedom of assembly by removing the totalitarian ban on allowing religious people to attend religious private schools that agree with or accept their religious beliefs.

Medical freedom stems from the INALIENABLE rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you don’t have the right to refuse or accept medical interventions, then you do not have a right to life and you are the property of the State. It goes to follow, that if the State owns you, it can do ANYTHING it wants to you, including kill you, maim you, experiment on you, sterilize you, abort your unborn children against your will, or even force you to breed against your will.

When you remove the right to refuse the molestation of the state as it pertains to the medical intervention known as vaccination, anything becomes possible. California used to have eugenics laws, and used to force-sterilize those who the courts deemed “unfit” including latinas, as young as age 7, mixed-race couples, criminals, or people who were said to be “feeble minded” (namely minorities). When the State removes the right to informed consent AND the right to informed REJECTION, there is no limit to the extents it can go to enforce “the greater good” at the expense of the individual.

The most important MINORITY in California is the individual, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. DO NOT TRAMPLE THESE RIGHTS.