Solutions Architect

Seeking opportunities that start between 'bleeding-edge' and 'next-to-impossible'.

Solution Architect/Engineer/Technical Business Analyst with a proven track record of bridging complex business needs with challenging technical requirements for premium Broadcast, OTT, eSports, immersive VR/AR and a variety of Direct-to-Consumer monetized content across all platforms.

Gallup CliftonStrengths Top 5: 1. Strategic - 2. Ideation - 3. Activator - 4. Connectedness - 5. Achiever, Briggs/Myers INTJ-A

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Bo Kelleher (headshot)


Stephane Roger Marchand

Dan Scheinman

Former Cisco Systems General Counsel, Investor and Advisor

John Healy

John Healy

Strategic Account Manager at Tableau Software

Woody Lewis

Woody Lewis

Blockchain enterprise strategy, solutions architect, writer.


Ivan Acosta

Cybersecurity Account Manager at Cisco Systems, former Forescout

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Over my career in Media & Entertainment, I have had the privilege of connecting with over 1,600 professionals in various disciplines from Online Video and OTT to Content Management to Network Security. If we are colleagues or if we should be, send me a request to connect.