Why don’t they want a cure for COVID-19?

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Coronavirus COVID-2019 test concept

If you’re interested in a theory as to why COVID-19 is not like any other respiratory virus, you may want this paper. The theory is that COVID-19 is a virus that interacts with the Heme in hemoglobin and causes it to release it’s iron ion, creating oxidative stress, while at the same time, making it difficult for the blood to transport oxygen. The replication of the virus is similar to other corona viruses, attaching to ACE2 receptors on cells and “opening the door” to cells like those in heart and lung tissue.

It’s may cause some cases of pneumonia, but it’s largely not pneumonia. According to some doctors who have observed its effects, it’s hypoxemia. And the treatment protocols of using ventilators, does not solve the underlying problem.

Yet the malaria drug, Plaquenil acts on hemoglobin… and that’s why it seems to work.

“The chemical components in chloroquine phosphate compete with the porphyrin and bind to the viral protein, thereby inhibiting the viral protein’s attack on heme or binding to the porphyrin.” – COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism

It may be a very good therapeutic… and as the method of action of COVID-19 becomes better understood, even more therapies may become available. We can expect to learn, that heme is the center of the problem of COVID-19, and that a therapeutic which deals with this fact, will be the most successful one.

Yet the CDC and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are pushing an isolation and vaccination solution almost exclusively.

As it turns out, the solution to this virus may be cheap malaria drugs with zinc and treatment with high pressure oxygen. Many doctors are not being told this, or they’re being told that it’s “unproven” and “anecdotal”. Many doctors are using standard ARDS protocols (intubation and ventilator) that are showing an 80% failure rate (i.e. if you end up on a ventilator, you’re likely going to die). Any therapy with an 80% failure rate should be abandoned.

Perhaps it’s the fog of war that’s causing all this confusion, but the top medical authorities, who should be seeking ANY solution that works, are only focused on isolation and vaccination. They want total control of the population… sick and healthy. Because if there’s a cure that works well (better than an 80% failure rate), the cure will make it more difficult for authoritarian elites to mandate a vaccine (and the accompanying planned digital certificate of identity and vaccination). That’s the naked agenda here. That’s what Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci and all their ilk are after. That and almost nothing else. And it’s unethical and immoral. It’s evil.