Thoughts on the Morning after Election 2020

Bo KelleherChristianity, Culture

We thought we could go back to our lives after the election, but that’s not what’s planned. Chaos is being injected at every level of global society by some existential force. We’re seeing the effects of spiritual warfare break through into the physical realm.

You’re being angered, agitated and made desperate BY DESIGN. You’re locked down, masked up, propagandized and socially “nudged” by algorithms that exist to manipulate your thoughts and behavior. You’ve been trained to be afraid of people and stay away from church. You’re angry at 50% of your neighbors. And it’s not a global cabal of pedophile jesuits or zionists or bolsheviks that are calling the shots and creating all this. Sure, they exist, and do terrible things and have obscene power, but they’re just chess pieces playing checkers. They don’t even know what they’re doing, which is why it’s so confusing to you that people seemingly so stupid have so much power. They have no idea how they’re being manipulated in the spiritual realm to accomplish evil, but they’re willing participants. They call good evil and evil good.

There is, behind them, and behind all of this, a supernatural evil that is animating the growing chaos towards a specific goal… which is ironically… ORDER. That order will be totalitarian, global, and seemingly “for your good.” And people will be so sick of chaos that they will be begging for it.

We are in the last days. And we must settle it in our hearts that we want the true order that comes from obedience to God, not the counterfeit order that will promise to eliminate the chaos it created. If you read the apocalyptic literature of the Bible, you’ll know that these are days of endurance and perseverance through faith in the face of adversity. We must endure tribulation, just as Christ did. Your pastor who tells you that the church is going to be secretly raptured at any moment is wickedly deceived. He’s going to lead you to accept the order offered by spiritual evil.

It’s going to get harder from here on out, so resist worldly solutions to what are so obviously spiritual problems. Trump won’t save you. Neither will Biden. Neither will the Supreme Court. It’s time to set your focus on spiritual things.