Quantum Pseudoscience: The Soul can’t be explained by physical science

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According to New Age news site Peace Quarters, “Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe” or so the headline reads.

It’s based on a set of theories (*) proposed by two “scientists”, Roger Penrose, a theoretical physicist (emphasis on ‘theoritical’) and Stewart Hameroff, a psychologist and anesthesiologist. Their theory… not “findings” (sorry to disappoint, Peace Quarters)… is that there is a massive amount of quantum data on a qubit (micro-cellular) level that is quantum-entangled with other non-local particles in the universe. Their theory is that there are parts of you, on a subatomic level that are connected with the universe in ways no one can (yet) comprehend. The theory is called Orchestrated objective reduction, or “Orch-OR“.

Physical Science can ONLY deal in the observable, physical, natural universe. It cannot explain the intuitive, the metaphysical, or the supernatural. The conflation of “consciousness” (which may be a measurable, testable, observable and repeatable phenomenon) and the “soul” are a mistake. They are not the same, in any way.

The theory of the “soul” is based on the belief that (a) the soul is the same as consciousness, and (b) that consciousness is an expression of an observable quantum physical process. So to evaluate this, you need to go back to the biggest body of work in the theory of quantum consciousness, which has been (since 1975) the Posner theory. This new hypothesis of micro-tubules further extrapolates (without observable, repeatable proofs) that there is some possibility of decoherence of qubits (quantum entangled atoms) based on the Posner molecules. Posner molecules refer to phosphorus… begging the question of *this* hypothesis… At what point of death do the Posner molecules (phosphorus) leave the body during death?

Answer: They don’t. Not only is Posner is unproven, but these “scientists” are so far into the theoretical realm that that they’re making wild, unprovable claims. The headline declaratively screams “Scientists Found”. They found nothing. They found a hypothesis with no observable, repeatable tests and no control. This isn’t even remotely adherent to the scientific process.

The best argument against quantum entanglement as a biological process is the simple fact that the longest sustained, observable entanglement was seen in non-organic material, specifically diamonds… and it lasted all of 2 seconds.

Isaac Newton - God's sublime philosophy

Isaac Newton – God’s sublime philosophy

I deeply love science and all it has to offer, but it is pathetic and disheartening to see scientists who have no sense of the supernatural. We’re almost 2 or 3 generations into “absque scientia Dei” (Science without God), and it appears that scientists have lost their minds trying to explain that which is clearly beyond the confines of the physical realm.

Isaac Newton was an absolute Titan of science (Gravity?) and a zealous Christian. It was his desire to know better the nature of God’s design that drove his scientific endeavors. He was obsessed with eschatology and believed that his pursuit of scientific knowledge would reveal greater information about the future revealed in prophecy.

But modern scientists roundly reject God, having been trained that there is a natural explanation for everything, ignoring the fact that men like Newton and Darwin were believers in God and understood that there were both natural and supernatural processes.

Occam’s Razor says that, “all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the best.” The soul isn’t just metaphysical; it’s supernatural. And using natural means to explain the supernatural is silly.

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