Tetanus and the Rusty Nail Myth

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You’ve probably heard over and over again, that if you step on a rusty nail, that you’re going to get Tetanus. Rusty Nails=Tetanus. That’s what I was told my whole life. Almost every doctor is taught this unsubstantiated truism in medical school. But I’m BlindLast year, I suffered from what turned out to be a case of painless migraine that … Read More

What’s up with these Anti-Vaxxers?

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The anti-vaccine movement is led by parents with vaccine-injured children who are SCREAMING AT DOCTORS for answers they NEVER GET, and they’re being dismissed, derided, fired from Pediatricians offices for the slightest hint that they would like to slow down the tempo of the cradle to grave peristaltic pump of more and more vaccines. Most of these parents have no … Read More

Does God hate sinners? Not just their sin?

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It was the great Christian philosopher Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” If you spend any time around people who inhabit the modern permissive culture, you’ve probably heard that phrase used when someone wants to have the appearance of being loving to all people, but they can’t really reconcile how to deal with an unrepentant sinner. … Read More